NCAA Basketball Gambling is Greatest Sports Event at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball gambling fans have long known what many other sports fans are just finding out: College basketball betting is the greatest earth.

Betting on the sport itself is as good as it gets in the wagering world, but what really sets NCAA basketball gambling apart from any other sporting event is the March Madness. And with only five months between sports fans and NCAA basketball gambling ecstasy, you better get ready for one wild ride ahead.

NCAA basketball gambling is as unpredictable as any sport out there. This is certainly one of its selling points, but there is no doubt that format of the post season tournament is the element that puts this sport over the top in terms making college basketball betting the top wagering sport on the planet. Not everyone may share this same opinion, but it would be hard to find any other sport aside from NCAA basketball gambling that would gather as many votes for the top spot on the list of great sports betting events.

Soccer fans would certainly find contention with the claim that NCAA basketball gambling is best of the best. And rightfully so. Soccer has several amazing events that are close to being on par with the NCAA basketball gambling post season tournament. Take for example the World Cup, which may be the single finest sports betting event that exists. However, most sports fans would choose to have the college basketball betting as it is an annual event, whereas the World Cup comes around once but every four years. In this light, almost every sports fan would side with the NCAA basketball gambling.

The Champions League is probably the only sporting event that could give the NCAA basketball gambling a run for its money. The Champions League and the NCAA basketball gambling tournament actually have a very similar format in the fact that both feature a relatively huge number of teams. However, the fact remains that the NCAA basketball gambling tournament if better in several aspects. The most glaring advantage of the NCAA basketball gambling tournament is that all the action is condensed into several weeks of action whereas the Champions League is spread out over the better part of a year.

Also the beauty of college basketball betting’s tournament is that its single elimination meaning every game matters. That in turn means that the teams have to play their guts out or go home, as opposed to the home and away series in the elimination rounds of the Champions League. Plus, for fans that like scoring, the NCAA basketball gambling blows soccer out of the water.

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