NCAA Basketball Gambling ACC Preview

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball gambling fans have heard plenty about the ACC over the past few years and they’re going to hear a lot more about this college basketball betting season as well.

The ACC is the premier conference in the country and any talk of an NCAA basketball gambling champion inevitably involves talk of at least several ACC teams. The conference is as loaded as ever on the eve of this college basketball betting season with several teams that could seriously challenge for a championship.

NCAA basketball gambling headlines have been talking about the North Carolina Tar Heels for months now. Most college basketball betting fans are likely getting sick of hearing about UNC, but they shouldn’t overlook the reason why the Tar Heels are getting so much NCAA basketball gambling press: they are a superb team! In fact, the Tar Heels are so impressive –at least on paper- that they became the first team in NCAA basketball gambling history to be voted the unanimous number one in the first preseason college basketball betting polls.

But UNC is hardly the only team in the conference and Duke finds itself back at the top of the NCAA basketball gambling rankings and firmly rooted in the national championship discussion. With several key upperclassmen returning and some much needed low post scoring coming in, the Blue Devils have the talent and the experience (not to mention the coaching) to make a run at the NCAA basketball gambling Final Four.

Miami is known for its football program not its NCAA basketball gambling prowess, but this is a very seasoned team with one of the top players in the conference in Jack McClinton returning for his senior year. Some NCAA basketball gambling pundits think 17 might be too high of ranking for this team, but only time and NCAA basketball gambling competition will tell.

Wake Forest is the other ACC team to debut in the NCAA basketball gambling top 25. This is almost the exact same squad as last year when the team made the NCAA basketball gambling tournament. But with a year of experience and some incredibly talented freshmen on the squad, this team should be much better than the team in last year’s college basketball betting season. The sky is the limit and the NCAA basketball gambling Final Four is not out of the question.

Two other teams to watch are Clemson and Maryland. While not at the same level as the four NCAA basketball gambling ranked teams they will no doubt surprise some people this season.

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