NCAA Basketball – Duke vs Kentucky

November 28th, 2019 NCAA Basketball

This coming Tuesday the 17th of November 2015 we have some 1st week NCAA Basketball games that should be very exciting and the one we are previewing is the AP No. 2 Wildcats of Kentucky (SEC) playing the AP No. 7 Blue Devils of Duke (ACC) with the game being played at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois with tip-off scheduled for 7:30 PM ET and seen on ESPN TV. If you Bet on College Hoops at a sportsbook just continuing reading for the latest scoop.

They call this game, the game that should have been, but the Badgers of Wisconsin ended that hope in the 2014-15 season, and that quest for a title was ended by Wisconsin. Thus the Nov.17th Chicago Championship tilt isn’t really a repeat of that Title quest, as the team’s rosters but it’s still a Duke versus Kentucky game and that always stands for something in College Hoops!

These 2 teams in the recent seasons have increased their rivalries as it’s not now only about tradition and a national title, but who signs and drafts the best players in College basketball. Thus, now that all depends on which one you ask for the last 2 years position, and each will brag on their signings and recruitment classes.

In the recent time the Blue Devils and their Coach M. Krzyzewski has changed the reconstructed their recruitment process. Thus, this past 2014-15 seasons only 3 Duke players left for the NBA, while the Wildcats had 7 leave for the NBA and so now the reason fans will watch this game, is because it’s none other than the Blue Devils playing the Wildcats, and since 2001 it is only the 2nd time these 2 teams will have met, and the 1st was 3 season past in Atlanta at the NCAA Champions Classic.

This early season match-up is not a game that can easily be given an early prediction, but the fans will more than likely be watching a few players that we will see in the future lottery selections of the NBA. But beware as their will be some the nation’s best college basketball players in this game like B. Ingram, D. Thorton, C. Jester and L. Kennard with the Blue Devils and with the Wildcats the likes of S. Labissiere, I. Briscoe and J. Murray all of which are top notch players in the NCAA Basketball this 2015-16 seasons.

Some of the players to watch in this game are M. Plumlee of Duke as the Blue Devils seek another national title, and then keep your eyes on the rookie freshman of both teams in this game. For the Wildcats their key player is point guard T. Ulis and he will direct the offensive and defensive efforts of his team. However, another player who could become the star is senior A. Poythress who is returning from an ACL injury last season, and he is a rare upper classman that has a special talent and a lot of experience and he will be interesting to watch.

They say when it come to predicting, that it can never be too early to select a winner in a match-up in NCA Hoops, but after towing around with since the 2 teams are so much alike, but the main difference is the player team experience, and here I think the Blue Devils have the edge, thus so we pick Duke to beat Kentucky in this Tuesday night game.

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