NCAA Basketball Betting UNC stays undefeated at SBG Global Sports betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting action is full steam ahead right now.

With just a handful of undefeated teams left in the country the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill leads all team in the basketball betting polls. And after a last minute tune up against the University of North Carolina Ashville that resulted in another Tar Heel victory, the team looks set to continue its grueling ACC NCAA basketball betting conference schedule.

NCAA basketball betting fans have not seen a team compile a perfect record and claim a national title since the Indiana Hoosiers led by Quinn Buckner in the 1970s. Could the Tar Heels be the next the team to run the NCAA basketball gauntlet and finish with an unblemished record? Not likely, but if any team has a chance in the country it’s perhaps the Tar Heels. This is without a doubt the best team in college basketball betting right now. Its roster is loaded with talent at nearly every position and its deep bench–a necessity in NCAA basketball betting.

But the biggest knock on this team in terms of going undefeated in the basketball betting schedule is the fact that it plays in the ACC, the toughest conference in NCAA basketball betting. If it played in the Big East or the Big 12 or some other conference it’s chances at a perfect NCAA basketball betting season would be greatly enhanced. But against the tough competition in the ACC it is all but impossible to escape the NCAA basketball betting season without at least one loss.

The Tar Heels already avoided a bullet in their first and only ACC game thus far narrowly beating Clemson on the road in a game in which Clemson led for most of the game. Clemson is a good team but not nearly as good as some of the other team’s –like Duke- that the Tar Heels will face in ACC NCAA basketball betting season.

But last night the team looked sharp as they handed a loss to its tiny sister university and its 7-7 center, the biggest man ever in NCAA basketball betting. At 360 pounds and sporting a size 28 shoe, Kenny George is a mountain of a man and leads basketball betting with 5 blocks a game. But his presence alone wasn’t enough to deter the Tar Heels who won 93-81.

Tyler Hansbrough had another fantastic game despite having several shots swatted by the big man provided one the most memorable dunks of the NCAA basketball betting season when he threw down a two-handed jam on George.

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