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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting is full of very good teams and very good conferences.

But ask even the most casual of college basketball betting fans what the top conference is in the country and they’re likely to tell you that no holds a candle to the ACC. And while the talent gap might be what it once was, on paper the ACC is still the top conference in NCAA basketball betting this season.

NCAA basketball betting is composed of hundreds of teams and dozens of top flight conferences. The Pac 10 is always among the leaders in the NCAA basketball betting, producing almost half a dozen tournament teams a year and the occasional national champion. The Big 10 is also one of the best conferences in college basketball betting. But when it comes down to producing the elite teams in NCAA basketball betting year after year after year no conference can hold a candle to the ACC.

This year the ACC looks as stacked as ever and could even produce yet another NCAA basketball betting champion. North Carolina, as every college basketball betting fan on the planet surely has heard by now is the best in the land. Case closed. But what teams are in the hunt for second place in the NCAA basketball betting action?

Well, plenty of ACC teams meet this standard as well. Duke the team just up the road from UNC campus is ranked among the top five best teams in NCAA basketball betting preseason polls. Year in and year out, after UNC this has been the most consistent team in the country and at times it seems as if Coach K could lead a team of blind men to the college basketball betting tournament.

But the Tar Hells and Blue Devils aren’t the only teams in the ACC looking to make their mark on the NCAA basketball betting this year. In the preseason polls there are four teams from the ACC ranked in the top 25. This is a fantastic number of ranked teams for almost any conference, but for the ACC it’s average, and perhaps even a little disappointing.

Miami has burst onto the scene in the past few years under Coach Frank Haith’s guidance and with first team all ACC guard Jack McClinton running the show the Canes debut at number 16 in the preseason NCAA basketball betting polls.

Wake Forest is the other ACC team ranked in the top 25 in the preseason NCAA basketball betting polls. The Demon Deacons are lesser known but came on strong last year and with another year of experience under its belt this team will be looking to prove to fans that it’s no fluke.

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