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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting can be profitable if you understand some of the basics

When it comes to sports gambling we know that football rules the roost, but when it comes to making money, NCAA basketball betting can actually be more profitable. There are many reasons that college basketball betting can outdo football betting, not the least of which is the sheer amount of games there are to play. NCAA basketball betting becomes extremely popular during March Madness but there are a lot more games before then during the season. Most gamblers will wager on football to some extent, but professional gamblers usually choose NCAA basketball betting for part of their wagering. Football gambling is more for the public, which is good news for the sportsbooks, while NCAA basketball betting up until March Madness is more for the pros.  It doesn’t have to be that way though.

We said earlier that a big reason that NCAA basketball betting is the choice for the pros is the amount of games. If you are a professional gambler that is trying to win at the NFL, there are only 256 regular-season games and just 11 playoff games that you can wager on. If you wager on college football there are definitely more games but it is still less than a 1,000 over the course of the entire season. Many professional gamblers prefer NCAA basketball betting because there are so many more games to wager on. Between pro and college basketball there are four or five times as many games as there are in football. Did you know that means thousands more opportunities for the gambler looking at NCAA Basketball betting?

Professional gamblers definitely like it when there are more games to choose from in college basketball betting. The more the professional gamblers can choose from, the better their chances are and that is the case in NCAA basketball betting. When you think of football and basketball gambling in the future, always remember that NCAA basketball betting is more appealing because there are so many more opportunities to wager on.

If you are a college basketball betting player you can really take advantage of the number of games. Let’s say you hit 56% of your games, which is the goal for the professional, you will find so many more games to choose from in college basketball betting and that means money. The more opportunities you have, the more money you can make in NCAA basketball betting.

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