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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting is full of extremely talented players year in and year out.

But in order to be the best of the best in college basketball betting you have to be an extraordinary talent to make yourself stand out. In the upcoming NCAA basketball betting season there are a handful of players that fans should keep their eye on, all of which have the potential to be superstars in college basketball betting.

NCAA basketball betting fans are likely familiar with most of these names, but if these special players can play up to their potential this NCAA basketball betting season they’ll have a chance to take their teams to the highest level of competition and earn themselves a big payday in the NBA draft.

One player to watch as the NCAA basketball betting roles around is Tyler Smith the small forward at Tennessee. Last year he burst onto the NCAA basketball betting scene and was big in the tournament. While not a huge scoring threat, he is an exemplary player on the defensive end and makes all kinds of problems for opponents in the paint. And while he doesn’t project as NBA scorer, his skills are more than adequate to put points on the board in college basketball betting.

Another player that has a huge advantage in the upcoming NCAA basketball betting season is Earl Clark of Louisville. With the Cardinals ranked near the top of the polls he’ll have plenty of chances to make a name for himself. Ridiculously athletic, this is a player that can put a team on his back if he needs to, but will also have to play with Rick Pitino’s system if this team is going to go deep in the NCAA basketball betting tournament. He could be the player of the year in the college basketball betting and should be a lottery pick.

Out west, Darren Collison of the UCLA Bruins has a chance to help his team take an NCAA basketball betting title and improve his draft position. He’s not regarded as the best point guard right now, but he very well could be by the end of the season. He played huge last year down the stretch for the Bruins and without former teammates like Kevin Love, a lot more will be asked of him on the offensive end.

Perhaps the player with the most NBA potential on this NCAA basketball betting list of players is North Carolina’s Wayne Ellington. Often playing in the shadows of the best player in NCAA basketball betting, Tyler Hansbrough, Ellington’s talent is too often overshadowed. Expect him to have a huge year and make his mark on the NCAA basketball betting competition.

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