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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting begins in November with predominately non-conference games and tournaments, some of high profile and others that are almost ignored

There are some important factors to take into account during this part of the college basketball season when looking at college basketball betting lines. Let’s consider non-conference NCAA basketball betting, paying attention to the early season games. NCAA basketball betting during this time of the year will have involve a lot of mismatches between top ranked traditional power teams and the “mid-major” teams that many of the masses in college basketball betting have never heard of. Now before a gambler licks his chops in anticipation of easy money and annihilation keep in mind the most important factor to take into account; the NCAA basketball betting oddsmakers know that this is what you and the rest of the masses are thinking. And therefore, these mismatches are far more often than not overlays, in which the power team will win by a large margin and yet still not get the cash for NCAA basketball betting gamblers.

Getting back to the college basketball betting oddsmakers, keep in mind that their job is to know what the masses are thinking and to evaluate how the masses will react to various matchups, NCAA basketball betting lines, and news about college basketball betting. With that in mind it is important to note that much of what goes into the preseason non conference NCAA basketball betting lines is based on the previous season, precisely because that is all the masses will remember. While rosters may have changed dramatically over the off-season, a team’s reputation has only been enhanced by the previous season and that is important to consider in NCAA basketball betting.

Beyond the fact that the better known teams are often preseason NCAA basketball betting overlays based both on their reputations and the lack of recognition for their opponents, also keep in mind that the “have-nots” relish the chance to take on a traditional power and are highly motivated, while the “name brand team” may take such matchups for granted, which makes them even more of an overlay than they should be in NCAA basketball betting. Such factors are what help an NCAA basketball betting handicapper find value in early season non-conference matchups.

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