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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting can be more profitable if you keep a few key things in mind

These keys can help lighten a handicapper’s workload, which is of paramount importance with so many teams and games on the board each night in college basketball betting. NCAA basketball betting key number one is value. When handicapping the college basketball betting lines a gambler should have an honest idea of what he believes the line should be. Any games that are seriously off from what the handicapper believes the NCAA basketball betting line should actually be are worthy of further investigation. Those that are close or on the margins should be eliminated as there is go great value advantage to be gained.

Next, a handicapper should simply take into account if he is on the side of the better team in NCAA basketball betting. Now as simple as that sounds, there is more to it than face value. The better team is not always the favorite in college basketball betting. Many times, in fact, the favorite in an NCAA basketball betting matchup is simply posted based on public perception or on past record or name recognition. There are many times when a lesser known team is also the better team but because the college basketball betting masses do not recognize that, the better known team will still lay points.

Another important checkpoint in NCAA basketball betting is the coaching angle. In college basketball the coach is of paramount importance and makes much more of a difference than an NBA head coach. Next, a handicapper should evaluate if there is a true home court advantage in NCAA basketball betting. Many times the home teams on the NCAA basketball betting boards are made so based out of the masses tendency to bet home chalks, out of comfort and habit, without really taking value into account. Now a team with a true home court advantage, such as Duke, may even still be an overlay as the NCAA basketball betting oddsmakers are also aware of that as well as the public perception. That being said, however, it is frustrating to have money on a team that is terrified and intimidated about playing in a tough away venue, so you should only oppose good home teams with opponents that have proven the ability to handle themselves on the road in NCAA basketball betting. With such keys being employed, you can better make sense of NCAA basketball betting.

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