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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting is the most exciting during conference tournaments and March Madness

The college basketball conference tournaments have great action and are really begin March Madness for most gamblers.  Let’s consider the conference tournaments and some NCAA basketball betting tips to consider. NCAA basketball betting during conference tournaments is a bit different.  There can be some unique college basketball betting factors to take into account in regards to the college basketball conference tournaments. First of all there are various different motivational angles that make college basketball betting on the conference tourneys unique. You will have some teams that are already locked into the NCAA Tournament while others need a good showing or a title to make it in.  That means you have teams with differing motivations in these tournaments and you must keep that in mind with your NCAA basketball betting. You also want to remember that it is possible for some teams that won their regular season title to get upset in the conference tournament and miss out on the Big Dance altogether. On more than one occasion, in fact, a sub-.500 team has emerged from a mid-major conference and into the “Big Dance” because they got hot for three or four days in the tourney and surprised college basketball betting gamblers.

Another factor to take into account when looking at the college basketball betting lines during conference tournament play is which teams have momentum and which ones are starting to run out of gas. This can really play a big part in your NCAA basketball betting, especially since these tournaments are played on consecutive days and teams will get tired. The last few games entering the tourneys are often good NCAA basketball betting guides, when added to the other factors that must be taken into account. Recent play, motivation, and value all are keys at tourney time and factors that must be taken into account in NCAA basketball betting.

College basketball post season tournaments are the best time for an NCAA basketball betting gambler.  There are so many games on the NCAA basketball betting board and it is oftentimes win or go home for the teams in these tournaments. This makes for exciting action and great NCAA basketball betting during college basketball tournaments.

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