NCAA Basketball Betting Basics at SBG Global Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

NCAA basketball betting is actually made up of three different seasons comprised of the non conference preseason, the conference schedule, and then the post season tournaments

Of these three seasons a handicapper will have to judge the abilities of nearly 300 teams that are regularly on the NCAA basketball betting board.  Let’s take a look at some of the basics involved in college basketball betting. NCAA basketball betting has a ton of games on the board.  When you initially look at the college basketball betting board it can be intimidating. At an online sportsbook a gambler will find himself continually scrolling down the NCAA basketball betting board trying to get all the matchups, lines and starting times. It can be very overwhelming. And this is the first trap of NCAA basketball betting for new gamblers but also some veterans who have yet to learn how to handle it, which is that incredible amount of games, teams, pointspreads and totals that assault a gambler’s senses and can easily cloud his mind. This leads to the first thing that a gambler must learn to survive at NCAA basketball betting which is that you simply have to economize your time, and to develop methodologies that quickly cut down the amount of games that you are exploring. For the many handicappers that actually think that they can beat the college basketball betting lines by micro analyzing ever game and team, what they end up learning is that their minds become so clouded, confused, overloaded, and finally fatigued that they are totally ineffective.

Another important factor to always consider at NCAA basketball betting is value. Many professional gamblers will tell you that college basketball betting offers a lot of bargains and weak lines, as the NCAA basketball betting oddsmakers, as good as they are, also have problems always getting it right with so many teams and games on the board each night. Keeping it simple is the key to success at NCAA basketball betting. Those NCAA basketball betting gamblers that are able to do that are the ones that can stay decisive and ultimately do a better job handicapping with a clear mind. A gambler must know what he wants and let the games come to him in NCAA basketball betting.

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