2009 March Madness Schedule Updated Brackets

Check our 2009 NCAA March Madness Updated Brackets or Championship Schedules.

The March Madness Schedule is a must have for this exciting time of the year.

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2009 March Madness Schedule Brackets

Thursday, March 19, 2009
12:25 PM ETCal State Northridge vs. (2) Memphis
2:50 PM ETRadford vs. (1) North Carolina
9:40 PM ET(15) Binghamton vs. (2) Duke
3:00 PM ETChattanooga vs. (1) Connecticut
9:40 PM ETMorgan State vs. (2) Oklahoma
7:25 PM ETAkron vs. (4) Gonzaga
7:20 PM ETAmerican University vs. (3) Villanova
5:00 PM ETMississippi State vs. (4) Washington
9:50 PM ETVirginia Commonwealth vs. (6) UCLA
2:30 PM ETNorthern Iowa vs. (5) Purdue
12:20 PM ETButler vs. (8) LSU
7:10 PM ETMichigan vs. (7) Clemson
12:30 PM ETTexas A&M vs. (8) Brigham Young
2:55 PM ETMaryland vs. (7) California
7:10 PM ETMinnesota vs. (7) Texas
9:55 PM ETWestern Kentucky vs. (5) Illinois
Friday, March 20, 2009
TBATBA at (1) Louisville
2:55 PM ET(16) East Tennessee State vs. (1) Pittsburgh
9:50 PM ET(15) Robert Morris vs. (2) Michigan State
3:00 PM ET(14) Cornell vs. (3) Missouri
9:40 PM ET(13) Cleveland State vs. (4) Wake Forest
12:30 PM ET(14) North Dakota State vs. (3) Kansas
12:15 PM ET(14) Stephen F. Austin vs. (3) Syracuse
9:55 PM ET(12) Wisconsin vs. (5) Florida State*
2:45 PM ET(11) Temple vs. (6) Arizona State
7:25 PM ET(13) Portland State vs. (4) Xavier
12:30 PM ET(11) Utah State vs. (6) Marquette
12:25 PM ET(9) Tennessee vs. (8) Oklahoma State
3:00 PM ET(11) Dayton vs. (6) West Virginia
7:10 PM ET(12) Arizona vs. (5) Utah
7:20 PM ET(10) USC vs. (7) Boston College
9:40 PM ET(9) Siena vs. (8) Ohio State

2008 March Madness Schedule