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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness point spread betting is one of the most popular forms of betting on the NCAA March Madness tournament that exists.

March Madness is one of our country’s most beloved and cherished sporting events and it’s also one of the most entertaining forms of sports betting, simply ask any fan that’s wagered on a March Madness point spread

And although March Madness point spread betting remains highly popular there are few things that you should remember before jumping into the deep end of the pool.

March Madness point spread betting has seemed to grow congruently with the rise in popularity of NCAA March Madness in general.  The NCAA basketball post season tournament has grown exponentially since its humble origins and the growth of March Madness points spread betting action has exploded with the advent of online Internet betting technologies.  The online betting sites have opened up a tremendous amount of betting doors for fans especially in the realm of March Madness point spread betting.

But March Madness point spread betting is not something that just any March Madness betting fan should walk into lightly.  Obviously playing the March Madness betting spread offers a greater chance of risk but also a much greater reward if you can correctly predict the scoring outcome of the game.  But when NCAA March Madness rolls around it can be very difficult to predict the scores and by extension the March Madness point spreads because no other sporting event is as unpredictable as the NCAA tournament.

For example, in the NFL, whether it is during the regular season or the post season the scores remain fairly constant, the post season rarely introduces new variables, such as what a March Madness point spread bettor might expect.  In March Madness point spread betting you have to consider stage fright which is common among many of the young players, the fact that the team is probably facing up against a team from the other side for the country and little known and also the fact that upsets in NCAA March Madness are simply much more common than in any other sport.

It is impossible to know any sport and any type of sports betting completely, but in a sport like the NFL there are only 32 teams in total and 12 teams in the post season.  In March Madness point spread betting there are 65 teams to account for and simply too many variables at play to know exactly what the outcome will be.  And perhaps that’s what attracts so many bettors to the unpredictable world of March Madness point spread betting. 

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