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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness point spread betting has often been referred to as madness

That’s not really all that strange of a comparison is you consider that the entire process is called March Madness 2008 instead of March ‘Sanity’ 2008.  But if you do your homework and understand the game of basketball to a certain extent, March Madness points spread betting can be anything but madness.

March Madness point spread betting has spread over the past few years as a popular way of betting on the NCAA tournament and no doubt many people will be trying their hand again as March Madness 2008 rolls around.  And still many other view March Madness point spread betting as too risky of a wager considering the prevalence of upsets that seems to occur every year at the NCAA tournament.  However, there are several simple variables you can examine in order to greatly improve your chances in the realm of March Madness points spread betting and try to assure that your March Madness 2008 is a successful adventure.

One thing to look at if your thinking of betting a March Madness point spread on a tournament game is the travel distance that each team has come.  Statistically, the team that has traveled the least comes out on top much more often than not.  As many March madness point spread bettors know, this is partially due to the wear and tear of travel and the ability of fans to travel to the game, but most often it’s the simple fact that high seeds are rewards by given a playing location close to home.

Another key factor when considering March Madness point spread betting is the guard play.  When the NCAA tournament rolls around and you want try March Madness points spread betting, never bet on a team with lousy guards.  The value of a good point guard and perimeter defense can be overemphasized when it comes to March Madness.  Nine times out of ten the team with the better point guard wins the March Madness points spread betting match ups.

Coaching is also a huge factor to take into consideration when contemplating March Madness point spread betting.  At the college level, great coaches can have great success with lesser talent as strategy still plays a key roll in March Madness point spread betting.  For example when March Madness 2008 rolls into town a great coach like Coach K, Roy Williams or Bobby Knight is worth at least five points in March Madness points spread betting.   So keep these things in mind when mulling your March Madness point spread betting opportunities.

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