March Madness Picks: Choosing the Underdogs at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness picks will sometimes focus overwhelmingly on the favored teams, and particularly the traditional March Madness betting powerhouses like UNC, Duke, UCLA, and Kansas

Unfortunately, this style of making March Madness picks overlooks many of the March Madness betting underdogs, which are teams that can sometimes offer tremendous value. In general, it is best to find a balance between making March Madness picks on favorites and making March Madness picks on underdogs, yet it is certain that many March Madness betting fans need to become more open to betting on the underdogs.

March Madness picks involving underdogs often seem unappealing because it is sometimes hard to convince oneself against betting on a top team. These March Madness picks are particularly complicated in March Madness because so many people have filled out March Madness betting brackets. Because these March Madness betting brackets only ask one to make March Madness picks about straight up winners, rather than involving the point spread, bettors logically favor the top teams and then are hesitant to make March Madness picks against these same teams once the point spreads are involved.

However, the fact of the matter is that there is no reason to think March Madness betting lines typically offer more value to the favorites than the underdogs, so you should make your March Madness picks accordingly. It is often a good idea to examine your March Madness picks and if you find that a remarkably high percentage are made on favorites, rather than underdogs, then you most likely need to alter the handicapping strategies you are using to arrive at those March Madness picks. You must always remember that the whole logic behind point spreads is that they give greater potential to the underdog team to win the bet. Consequently, you should not completely oppose making March Madness picks that contradict the March Madness picks you have made in your bracket, because it is highly possible that a team will win, yet fail to cover the point spread. In fact, this phenomenon is quite common in the beginning rounds of the NCAA Tournament when well-known top teams play unknown bottom seeds and the point spreads become astronomically high. In these situations, often the best March Madness picks are those made on the underdog teams, because they have a reasonable chance to cover, even if they have virtually no chance of winning their games outright.

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