March Madness Odds Sides and Totals at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds give gamblers the chance to bet both sides and totals.

The gambler looking at March Madness odds has several advantages that were not available years ago.  The March Madness betting line includes sides, totals, first halves, halftimes, parlays, teasers, props, etc.

March Madness odds begin with sides and totals. That is where most gamblers will look to make money during the tournament.  The good news when considering March Madness odds is that you have a wide variety of choices.  If you want to bet a team that is favored on the March Madness betting line you may want to do so just after the line is released since the public loves favorites.  If you want to bet an underdog in March Madness odds you might want to wait until close to game time as the odds may go up.
Those extra half points and full points can be huge when you are looking at the March Madness betting line.  How many times during the season did you lose a game by a half point or a single point?  It can happen as you consider March Madness odds as well. During March Madness there are going to be times when getting the best line on a game turns a loss into a win or turns a tie into a win.  You may turn a loss into a tie.  Each one of these is huge to your bottom line when wagering versus March Madness odds.

Getting the best possible March Madness odds is critical if you want to make money.  You should always take the time to analyze the sides and totals on the March Madness betting line.  Gamblers that bet at the right time have a big advantage when wagering during March Madness.  This applies to totals just as it does to sides in March Madness odds.  The totals will actually move much more in March Madness odds than the sides so you may get an extra two or three points as an edge.

Each time you get extra points in your favor it is a huge advantage as you bet March Madness odds.  Remember to consider line movement and which way the odds are going as you make your sides and totals wagers this season.

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