March Madness Odds are Popular at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

It may comes as a surprise to you, but March Madness odds, typically known as NCAA Tournament odds are more popular in terms of betting volume than any other sport. And that includes the Super Bowl because unlike the Super Bowl, the NCAA Tournament is much more than just one game.

March Madness odds appeal to nearly every type of sports fan, not just the gambler. Anyone that follows college basketball to any degree wants a part of the tournament. If fact, even those people that don’t follow it still want a part of the March Madness odds that are the brackets.

How many offices around the world offer NCAA Tournament pools? The number is too high to comprehend. The first week of March Madness odds is immense for bettors and bookmakers. The first Thursday and Friday of March Madness odds are unlike anything in all of sports. There are games all day long, all are televised, and each game is do or die. That is the ultimate in excitement as you look at the March Madness betting line.

The appeal stretches to nearly every area of the sports betting world. Every single game that is a part of the March Madness odds has two bets associated with it, side and total. That gives bettors a ton of action. March Madness odds bring out the Cinderella stories, especially in the first round where the smaller schools go up against teams like Memphis or North Carolina.

For the most part the sportsbooks love March Madness odds. The public is all over the March Madness betting line, the favorites oftentimes don’t cover, and everyone is happy. The public hits their share of games, upsets occur, and the March Madness odds sweep the world and make everyone associated with sportsbooks some good money. It also makes astute bettors good money versus the March Madness betting line.

March Madness odds really begin earlier than the official start of the NCAA tournament. Conference tournaments begin a couple of weeks before the big dance and they are intriguing as well, with teams battling for the final spots in the tourney. With all of this action, March Madness odds are definitely a worth getting excited about.

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