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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds begin in March and actually conclude in early April with the NCAA Championship game.

March Madness betting gives gamblers a lot of games, a lot of choices and a lot of excitement.

March Madness odds appeal to everyone. People that love the tournament and the brackets will also love March Madness odds. The first week of March Madness with games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are perhaps the best time of the entire year. All of the March Madness odds are on the board and gamblers can follow every game on television.

March Madness odds are so appealing for a variety of reasons including the underdog factor. Gamblers love March Madness betting because of those Cinderella stories. At the same time the bettors also love the power teams that are expected to win in March Madness betting. #1 seeds are always popular every season in the NCAA Tournament. Gamblers just can’t see these teams losing and they pick them throughout the tourney.

March Madness odds appeal to the public which means favorites are going to get bet more than underdogs. This also means that underdogs will cover the March Madness odds more often. The public inflates the favorites giving value to the underdogs in March Madness betting.

Are you getting ready for March Madness odds this season? Do you have your bankroll prepared? The public and professional bettors love to wager against March Madness odds so that means you will see a lot of line movement on the games and you need to be ready.

March Madness odds are great to look at, great to wager on, and exciting to win money on. There are a lot of great choices in March Madness from the sides and totals to parlays and teasers. You also have the many different March Madness pools. These go beyond just the office pools as sportsbooks also have many different contests for the NCAA Tournament.

Take a look at all of the different options for March Madness odds and enjoy the best time of the year for college basketball.

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