March Madness Odds Favor Kansas and Kentucky

February 20th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds will be on the board soon and two of the top teams will be Kansas and Kentucky.

The Jayhawks started the season as the #1 ranked team in the country and the favorite in March Madness betting while Kentucky has been at the top as well.

March Madness odds will have a number of contenders for the men’s college basketball title but there is no question that Kansas and Kentucky are going to remain the favorites.  Texas was ranked number one for a short time while other contenders look like Syracuse and Villanova.

Kansas has a lot of depth and will be tough to beat in March Madness odds.  Sherron Collins is an excellent point guard and leads the team while center Cole Aldrich is a force in the middle. Kansas also has excellent young players like Xavier Henry.  Keep in mind that it was only a couple of years ago that Kansas was the champion in March Madness betting.

Kentucky has a lot of talent as well but they are younger. John Wall is probably going to be the top pick in the NBA Draft while DeMarcus Cousins is another future NBA star.  Kentucky also has Patrick Patterson and he can be a solid scorer.  The Wildcats are looking at having a lot of success this season in March Madness odds.

After Kansas and Kentucky it is really Syracuse and Villanova.  Both teams are capable of running the table in March Madness odds.  The Big East is the best conference in the country this season and the tough matchups that Syracuse and Villanova have played will serve them well in the tournament. They are not quite as good as Kansas or Kentucky but they are close enough that they could pull off the upset. Texas looked like a March Madness betting contender earlier this season and perhaps they can turn into one before the year is over.

This is not a season where there are a number of contenders in March Madness odds.  It is really top heavy with Kansas and Kentucky with Syracuse, Villanova and Texas darkhorse candidates.  Longshots really would have to do something very surprising to upset either Kansas or Kentucky in March Madness odds.

March Madness should be exciting again this season with two of the most popular teams in the country, Kansas and Kentucky leading the way.

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