March Madness Odds Discipline at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness odds present so many betting opportunities that it is easy to lose control.

There will be more heartbreaking and totally unjustifiable losses in the tournament than you can imagine.  These are called bad beats by many people and how a player handles them will go a long way toward determining their success versus the March Madness betting line.

March Madness odds are exciting to consider but the only time you really get excited is when you win.  Losses are painful and everyone has their own bad beat story. Bad beats happen on a regular basis in sports and in poker.  You can’t go on tilt and expect to win money at either.  You must remain in the game and alive for another day and that applies to March Madness odds as well.  Remember that there are March Madness odds throughout the month of March and into April.  You can’t be losing everything the first weekend.  There is no doubt that the first two days of March Madness odds are the most exciting but there are a lot more games to follow. Discipline and self control are paramount when you are looking at March Madness odds.

Heartbreaking losses that are beyond cruel and unfair make many gamblers overreact and try to get it all back at once versus the March Madness odds.
Going on tilt and losing discipline versus the March Madness odds is not a good idea.  Sportsbooks love players that go on tilt versus the March Madness betting line.  There is no better player for the sportsbooks than a player that has lost control versus the March Madness betting line.  If you want to have success against the sportsbooks you can’t go on tilt, you must remain in control as you look at March Madness odds.

You must maintain discipline and composure in the face of bad beats versus the March Madness betting line.  The best players realize that anything can happen in one game and it is the long haul that matters. A player does not have to let a bad beat ruin the rest of the season.  With proper money management and a long-term outlook, bad beats are far more tolerable and easier for players to handle in March Madness odds.  Learn from your mistakes and remain focused when betting March Madness odds and you will avoid losing discipline.

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