March Madness Gambling and Seeds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness gambling is exciting for a variety of reasons including the brackets which list teams in four different regions from 1 through 16.

In March Madness gambling you can look at these seeds and some definite trends will emerge.

March Madness gambling normally will favor underdogs in seeding simply because the public likes to bet favorites. While it is true that top seeds win more games than they lose straight up they don’t always cover the March Madness betting pointspread. We know that a #1 seed has never lost a first round game but they don’t always cover the March Madness gambling number. There is no reason for a #1 seed to win by 40 points in an opening round game when winning by 20 is more than enough.

A popular March Madness gambling trend in recent years has been to take the #11 and #12 seeds in the first couple of rounds. The first round has March Madness betting gamblers seriously looking at the #12 seed against the #5 seed. The #11 against the #6 is also popular in March Madness gambling. The #11 and #12 seeds win about 30% of the time outright in the tournament. They are even better against the March Madness gambling pointspread.

Teams are seeded for a reason in the NCAA Tournament. You should not just ignore the seeds but at the same time you can’t make every pick in March Madness gambling based upon the seeds since favorites don’t always win. In the first couple of March Madness betting rounds you will find some occasions where the lower seeded team is actually favored against the higher rated team. You might have an 8 or a 9 favored in March Madness gambling against a 6 or a 7 or something similar. In these situations you really want to study the March Madness gambling line and see why the higher seeded team is an underdog.

Also keep in mind in March Madness gambling that experience is important. Rarely do first time entrants have a lot of success in the NCAA Tournament.

Teams and coaches that have been there before are usually successful and worth considering in March Madness gambling.

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