March Madness Gambling 2008 at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness gambling fans have long preferred the action at the college level to that of the NBA.

Any sports fan that’s bet on both will likely gladly tell you that they are looking forward much more to the March Madness 2008 than the NBA Finals.  And it’s really no secret why, the March Madness gambling is simply much more exciting than the NBA Finals are.

March Madness gambling fans have long known this, but now it seems that this notion of March Madness gambling superiority is finally setting in.  There are all kinds of reasons why the March Madness gambling is so much better than in the NBA but above all it boils down to the style of play.  The March Madness gambling action is defined by a frenetic style of play where no player is every standing back on their heels or hanging their arms low as they walk up the court as players do in the NBA.  If you tune into the March Madness 2008 you will not see any of this type of lollygagging around.

If a player in March Madness gambling action walks up the court or takes a break on defense he’ll soon find himself on the bench.  And perhaps that’s the biggest difference between March Madness gambling action and the NBA betting action.  At the college level the coaches demand and receive 110% effort every night and this magnified in March Madness gambling action when everything is on the line and there is no more next game if you lose.  In the ridiculously long NBA season there seems to always be a next game and nowhere in the pro league due you see the type of urgency that will be on display in March Madness 2008.

In March Madness gambling one loss means that the team will be sent home.  In the NBA one loss simply means time to board the private plane and fly off to next city.  In March Madness gambling there is no best of seven series –every game is life or death and as result the action is frantic and the March Madness gambling is fantastic and compelling.

But perhaps more than any other facet of the game, March Madness is much more compelling than the NBA because teams play defense like they mean it.  In the NBA teams play defense but not as if their life depended on it.  It’s a completely different ball game in March Madness gambling and the final product is infinitely more exiting as a result. So if you have to choose between March Madness 2008 and some NBA games, the choice is quite easy to make

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