March Madness Contest Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness contest betting is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to participate in March Madness betting.

A March Madness contest is also surely the most popular form of March Madness betting, and you can find everything from a tiny March Madness contest involving only a small group of friends to a gigantic online March Madness contest involving thousands and thousands of entries. The key to success in a March Madness contest is filling out your March Madness contest partly as a consequence of the other participants in the March Madness contest.

March Madness contest betting that only involves a small number of people can be done with a lot of credit given to the favored March Madness betting teams. Especially if the other participants in the March Madness contest have limited March Madness betting knowledge, then even very basic handicapping information can give you a reasonable chance of winning the March Madness contest. This is not to say that you should simply choose the higher seeded team to win every game going into the Final Four, but it is probably advisable to choose relatively few upsets in the March Madness contest and stay within the top four seeds in every division when selecting teams for the Final Four. Also, when completing the bracket for your March Madness contest you should pay particularly close attention to predicting the two teams in the championship game and the team to ultimately win the tournament, because doing so is often enough for you to win a small March Madness contest.

However, when participating in a much larger March Madness contest, you must be more aggressive and risky with your March Madness betting picks. Especially in an online contests involving thousands of people, it will take a lot more than just naming the teams in the Final Four to win the March Madness contest. In a March Madness contest such as this, you should play more upsets and pick at least one team to reach the Final Four that few people would have predicted. This is because you must make unpopular picks that make you stand out from the crowd in order to win a very big March Madness contest. Nevertheless, this is not to say that you should make completely absurd March Madness betting picks in your March Madness contest, but rather bet against the grain on several games. One great way to pick these games is to bet against weak teams from traditionally top programs, because the selection committee often gives such teams far better seed numbers than they really deserve.

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