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November 8th, 2018 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets are so exciting to look at.

It seems every sports website in the world has some sort of March Madness brackets contest and everyone seems to be interested.  What makes the March Madness brackets so exciting for people around the world?

March Madness brackets appeal can be explained in a variety of ways.  The first part of it is the brackets themselves. This is one of the unique parts of March Madness that unfortunately other sports have really never copied.  Think about it for a minute.  You have March Madness brackets with 64 teams where each team plays single elimination games.  Every single game is life or death where a loss means you are done.  That creates great March Madness betting excitement.  It doesn’t happen in any other sport.  You have 7 game series in baseball and hockey.  You have a mini kind of tournament in the NFL which is another reason the playoffs are so popular but it is not quite the same.  The March Madness brackets are just cool to look at and when you are talking about 64 teams being whittled down to 32 in just two days and then down to 16 two days later it creates unparalleled excitement.

The next part of March Madness brackets that creates great excitement is the Cinderella factor.  You have teams that are true underdogs winning games in the tournament.   March Madness betting gamblers really get excited when underdogs win against the big boys.  It is always great to see a Bucknell or George Mason beating a Kansas or North Carolina.  That is another great part of March Madness betting appeal.

You also have the March Madness brackets appeal in the contests around the world.  So many people have office pools where you pick the winner of every game in the March Madness brackets.  And it is next to impossible to predict every game so it means everyone has a chance.  The winners of many of these March Madness brackets contests know very little about college basketball.  When March Madness rolls around anything can and oftentimes does happen.  That is another reason it is so fascinating for people to watch.

Did you know that the first Thursday and Friday of March Madness brackets are the most popular betting days of the entire year at sportsbooks around the world?  They are even more popular than the Super Bowl because there are multiple games instead of just one.  March Madness betting is an event that goes on for three weeks and is something special.

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