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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness brackets give gamblers excellent chances to make money.

How important is the coach when you start to look at March Madness brackets? Let’s take a closer look.

March Madness brackets will give you a lot of different things to look at. There is no doubt that coaching plays a bigger role in March Madness betting because of the experience factor.  You have teams and coaches that have experience in the postseason and others that do not.  Teams like Kansas, North Carolina, Duke, Connecticut and others have high profile programs and high profile coaches.  There is no doubt that Roy Williams or Mike Krzyzewski will hold a huge advantage in March Madness brackets over coaches that have never been there.  You can throw other coaches like Jim Calhoun, Jim Boeheim, and others into that mix as well as you look at March Madness brackets and even coaches like Billy Donovan and Ben Howland are not that far behind.

March Madness brackets are definitely a time in which bettors run to the betting window.  The public floods sportsbooks with money each March due to the popularity of March Madness brackets.  Very often these high profile teams with a great March Madness betting coach will be very successful.  That does not, however, mean these teams will always cover the March Madness betting pointspread.  You must remember when looking at March Madness brackets that just because these high profile teams win the game it does not mean they will cover the spread.  Teams like Kansas and North Carolina are oftentimes overpriced during March Madness because they have such a high profile.  Coaching is important but very often these teams will be double-digit favorites in March Madness betting until the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight or Final Four.

There is no doubt that you would prefer to have a great college basketball hoops coach on your side when you pick March Madness brackets but it does not guarantee you a winner.  What you might want to do is avoid these high profile teams until the first couple of rounds are over.  Then you can look at taking the teams with great coaches at a fair price in March Madness betting.  It is unlikely you will get that chance during the first couple of rounds of the March Madness brackets.

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