March Madness Betting on Weak Teams from Top Programs at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting gives you the opportunity to profit from successful predictions about how the NCAA Basketball Tournament will play out.

March Madness is often dominated by a dozen or so top programs, and March Madness betting often logically focuses on these March Madness betting powerhouses. However, these top programs are not all strong every year and the astute March Madness betting enthusiast must be careful not to erroneously support programs experiencing bad years.

March Madness betting is so often focused on only a handful of teams because those teams are so good. Programs like UNC, Duke, Florida, Texas, UCLA, Kansas, UCONN, Michigan, and Kentucky all have extremely storied histories and typically have strong teams year in and year out. Nevertheless, March Madness betting veterans know that even these top programs have off years when the team simply falls below the normal standards set by the school. Maintaining a Sweet Sixteen caliber program every single year is extremely challenging and most teams experience drop offs at times. This drop off can be the result of any number of factors, including injury, poor recruiting, players leaving for the NBA draft, or bad team chemistry. Even just one of these factors can significantly impact a team, and should therefore influence your March Madness betting.

For March Madness betting fans, recognizing these drop offs can be extremely important. The problem is that when handicappers become lazy, their March Madness betting is often done with little quality March Madness betting analysis and the March Madness betting enthusiasts end up relying on inaccurate information, such as the reputation of a school, when looking for March Madness betting value. Such a March Madness betting strategy is certainly a recipe for failure. It is often argued that the seeds in the NCAA tournament tend to favor programs with lofty reputations, so blindly favoring top programs is particularly detrimental in March Madness betting. Basically, the problem is that the brackets can help fool you into believing a storied program is better than it really is, and therefore influence poor March Madness betting. While it is true that these programs often have lots of March Madness experience, which is certainly valuable, a successful March Madness betting strategy will not favor these teams outright. As long as you can avoid such March Madness betting biases then you will be able to more successfully evaluate the March Madness betting lines and find the best value in the March Madness betting board.

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