March Madness Betting Wagers at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting wagers are made for a wide variety of reasons each spring.

People will justify extra wagers against the March Madness odds that they normally wouldn’t make or didn’t plan on making in both good times and bad by rationalizing their March Madness betting picks.

March Madness betting makes it possible to really get hot or really get cold. When a gambler is “on a roll” or hot streak, and hitting far above the norm against the March Madness odds, he often likes to treat himself to either some extra action or increase the amounts of the wagers that he was planning on making, or both! For example, a gambler may have enjoyed an excellent opening day in March Madness betting and because of that decide to bet even more on the Friday games. If we assume that the gambler was ahead $400 for Thursday, let’s say he made a bet of $110 or $220 on the Friday games and had a losing day. He has just turned a great opening day into a disaster for the second day of March Madness betting. Let’s say he also screwed around with an extra $100 worth of March Madness betting parlays and teasers and another $220 on half time bets that blew and before you know it, that great opening day was ruined.

Successful March Madness betting players don’t set such traps for themselves and keep an even keel on their wagers. Very often it is discipline that makes the difference when you are looking at March Madness odds. You will not win any money by going on tilt and losing control. Just look at what happens in poker when a player suffers a bad beat and goes on tilt. The same thing happens to the March Madness betting gambler after he suffers a bad loss.

You will not be able to rationalize your losses if you go on tilt in March Madness betting. You can make up a ton of excuses but the bottom line will be that you lost when you really shouldn’t have in March Madness betting. There is no rationalization that will ever be able to cover those losses. As you look at March Madness odds remember not to rationalize losses and stay disciplined and focused. That is the way to make more money in March Madness betting.

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