March Madness Betting Trends at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is something that many gamblers around the world look forward to with great excitement.

March Madness betting is something special, and it is also something that we can make money at if we do our homework.

March Madness betting has some systems and trends that have done fairly well over the years.  In the first round taking the underdog is always worth a long look and certain matchups have done well.  The five-twelve, four-thirteen, and three-fourteen matchups have had definite trends.  Usually taking the dog in the 5-12 and 4-12 matchups will make you money in March Madness betting.  Surprisingly taking the favorite in the 3-14 game will show a profit in March Madness betting.

When it comes to March Madness betting in the later rounds there are also some trends to consider.  One trend has you betting on any team that did not cover the spread in their last game if they are going against a team that did cover the March Madness betting pointspread in their last game.  For example, let’s say the second round March Madness brackets have North Carolina against Wisconsin.  The Tar Heels didn’t cover the opening round game, but Wisconsin did.  Your play is on North Carolina in this March Madness brackets game.  One of the reasons this system works is that gamblers get upset by a non cover by a team in the first round game and get on board with the team that did cover.  You usually get a little extra March Madness betting line value as well.
Another thing to remember is that March Madness brackets bring out the public bettors in droves.  The public always overreacts to the previous game.  The public remembers what happens in the last game and very little else in March Madness betting.  The team that didn’t cover has immediate value simply for the fact the public will bet the other side in the March Madness brackets.  This system wins nearly every single year.  Its winning percentage is over 60% in March Madness betting and that goes back a long time.

March Madness betting is something that nearly every sports bettor gets involved in at one time or another.  It is properly named because everyone gets a bit crazy during the month of March.  March Madness betting begins in earnest when the conference tournaments begin and it doesn’t end until early April when the Championship game is played.

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