March Madness Betting Sweet Sixteen Facts

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting gets to the Sweet Sixteen this week with three of the four number one seeds still remaining.

This is a different Sweet Sixteen field from past years as the starting units are older and the teams are hotter.  It has made for an exciting NCAA Tournament in March Madness lines.

March Madness betting facts indicate this is the oldest group of starters in a Sweet Sixteen field since 1985.  The teams are playing better than any recent group too.  In fact, no group of teams has won more games in their last ten games than this year’s field of sixteen teams. This year’s group of teams doesn’t score a ton of points. In fact, it is tied for the fourth-lowest ever at 75.5 points per game.  They are good on defense though as they allow 64.1 points per game.

There is a possibility of an All-Big Ten final in the Midwest Regional. That would occur if Ohio State and Michigan State win their Sweet Sixteen games.  A conference matchup in the Elite Eight has only happened eight times in history but it could occur this year if the Buckeyes and Spartans win in the Sweet Sixteen.

While three top seeds are still alive, there are also some underdogs in March Madness betting. Three double-digit seeds have reached the Sweet 16.  #10 St. Mary’s, #11 Washington and #12 Cornell are still alive.  Two years ago there were three double-digit seeds when #10 Davidson, #12 Western Kentucky and #12 Villanova made it.  Last season in the Sweet Sixteen there were no double-digit seeded teams.

Sweet Sixteen Betting action begins on Thursday as Butler faces top seeded Syracuse.  The Orange are six point favorites with a total of 138.5. Also on Thursday it is second seed Kansas State a 5-point favorite against Xavier with a total of 153.5.  Top seeded Kentucky is an 8.5 point favorite against Cornell on Thursday with a total of 147 and West Virginia is laying 5.5 points to Washington with a total of 142.

Friday’s Sweet Sixteen odds have top seed Duke laying 8 points to Purdue with a total of 129.5.  It is Michigan State laying 1.5 points to Northern Iowa with a total of 121.  Second seed Ohio State is laying 4.5 points to Tennessee with a total of 134 while Baylor is a four-point favorite against St. Mary’s with a total of 145.

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