March Madness Betting Season at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting sits on the horizon teasing sports betting fans

March madness brackets are a right of passage for every sports fans and an annual reminder of the coming of yet another spring.  In fact, March madness betting has become such an institution that it simply wouldn’t seem like a changing of the season without it.  

March madness betting this year should be outstanding as the changing of the NBA rules about allowing players to make the jump directly from High school to the pros has increased the talent level involved in NCAA March madness tremendously. There is an inordinate amount of freshman talent this year from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between.  Last year in the March madness betting sports betting fans got a taste of the fab freshman movement when Greg Oden, Mike Connelly and Daequan Cook led Ohio State to the March madness betting championship game.  And other players like the college player of year award winner, Kevin Durant, also had a big impact on March madness betting.

This season there is an even greater number of blue chip freshmen who could easily be playing in the NBA if allowed by the rules.  But they’re not, so instead they will be thrilling fans in March madness betting.  And the presence of they freshman wunderkinds on many rosters has had a huge impact and will likely be the difference for success and failure in the NCAA March madness brackets.

Teams like Duke and UCLA have seen their teams revitalized and their March betting chances improved tremendously by the arrival of talented freshman.  UCLA landed one of the top rated players in the country out of high school and outstanding play of Kevin Love has all but assured the team a place in the March madness betting action.

Duke has also benefited tremendously from the presence of several outstanding freshman who have added athleticism and toughness to a squad that might not otherwise be in March madness betting contention.  But because of this fresh new blood, Duke is now a top ten rated team and one of the favorites to advance to at least the Sweet 16 in March madness betting. 

And then there are relatively experienced teams like UNC who depend on upper classman for their strength and will also have a huge impact on the March madness betting.  But NCAA March madness brackets fans should note that there are 8-10 teams with a real shot at winning the big dance including Memphis, Kansas, Washington State and Georgetown to name a few. 

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