March Madness Betting Players

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting can bring out the best or worst in people and that’s why it March ‘madness’ betting and not March ‘ambivalence’ betting.

March Madness betting centers around human emotion from both the players and the fans and creates such an emotionally charged atmosphere that it’s probably a good thing it happens but once a year.  If basketball March Madness were held more than that there would like be an outbreak of heart attacks in the March madness betting community among the element with weak tickers or elderly in age.  But all joking aside March madness betting is simply an extraordinary mix of passion, excitement and entertainment that is virtually unmatched anywhere else in the sports betting world.

There are all kinds of sports to bet on but year after year the sports fans wait with wild excitement for the March madness betting to roll around.  It is, year after year, the most bet on sports event anywhere.  The World Cup is the world’s most popular sporting event, but it happens but once every four years whereas the March madness betting is an annual event.  That means that every 12 months basketball March madness fans get view this incredible spectacle every year while they must wait every four years for the equivalent of March madness betting in soccer.

The World Cup is an interesting comparison for March madness betting because it is perhaps the only other sporting event in the world that comes close to matching the emotion and excitement of March madness betting.  In fact, you could make a very convincing argument that the World Cup perhaps surpasses March madness betting in these areas.  For one thing, the World Cup has a much larger stage, after all, it’s the entire world.  March madness betting simply focuses on US universities.

Also, the World Cup involves national pride whereas March madness betting simply involves school pride –both powerful, but hardly the same in intensity.  Yet the not nod still must go to March madness basketball betting as you can enjoy the thrill of basketball March madness every year while unfortunately the World Cup falls but once every fourth year.  And since there is no World Cup this year, March madness betting will reign as the king of sports betting.

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