March Madness Betting Percentages at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is very exciting, popular and it can be profitable.

As you look at March Madness betting it is always a good idea to understand the betting trends.  Let’s take a look some March Madness betting trends and their percentages.

March Madness betting should begin by looking at the underdogs. If you did nothing else but bet underdogs in the March Madness brackets you would be ahead of the game a little bit at about 53%.  That is just blindly taking the points in every single game in March Madness brackets. The best teams in terms of seeding in March Madness betting are the #12 seed at about 60%, the #10 seed at just under 60% and the #8 seed at about 57%.  What about the worst seeds in March Madness betting?  The worst seeds have been the #14 seeds which hit at about 39% and the #7 seeds which are at about 41%.

What about big favorites in March Madness betting?  They are hitting only about 40% against the spread.  That means the big dogs are doing pretty well.  What about individual rounds of March Madness brackets?  Let’s break it down a little more.

In round one of the NCAA Tournament you have straight up winners doing pretty well hitting at over 70% against the March Madness betting pointspread.  Underdogs are just about at their average in the first round at about 52%.  The 12th seed is the best seed hitting at above 62% against the March Madness betting pointspread.  The #3 and #10 seeds are also near the 60% mark in round one.

In round two March Madness brackets if you win the game you usually cover.  That means if you play a dog take them on the money line as well.  If the dog doesn’t win they usually don’t cover either.  The best seed in the 2nd round is the #10 seed at well over 70% against the March Madness betting pointspread.  The #8 seed also does well at near 70%. 

Underdogs still hold their own as the final rounds progress.  They are particularly dangerous if less than 6 points.  In the Final Four the favorites seem to do okay, especially if they are power teams. Keep these trends in mind for March Madness betting this year.

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