March Madness Betting Notes at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is one of the most exciting ventures for sports gamblers around the world, and a very important part of the year for sportsbooks.

Each year March Madness betting takes on heightened interest for many people around the world.

March Madness betting becomes more popular for the average gambler but it is also a very important time for the professional bettor.  As they bet on games in the March Madness brackets, the sports betting pro realizes that the best teams usually come to the top as the tournament progresses.  Early in the tournament the Cinderella’s have some value, but as the March Madness brackets narrow down, the slipper usually comes off.

Another factor to remember during March Madness betting is that coaches are important.  Unlike the NBA, where coaches are of limited importance, coaches make a huge difference in the colleges.  The big boys continue to win year after year in the March Madness brackets.  Coaches like Roy Williams, Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Calhoun continue to produce excellent teams.  Sometimes you will see the mid-major teams hang around for a while with the big teams with quality coaches, but it doesn’t seem to last.  Many of the top seeded teams play teams in the opening round that really don’t belong.  The problem we have in backing the big boys is that the March Madness betting line is usually outrageous.  Later in the March Madness brackets the power teams, with the excellent coaches, are a better bet. 

One of the best strategies in March Madness betting is to find a surprise team or two that is getting ignored by the public at large.  As a subset to that strategy you may want to go against the traditional power that is overrated in March Madness betting.  Very often you will find these two strategies working together in March Madness betting.  For example, the Big 10 may get four or five teams in the tournament but the teams may be overrated and do nothing in the tournament.  On the other side you may see a conference like the Missouri Valley get a few teams in and all of them do well.  It is identifying these conferences before the tournament begins that can provide you with a lot of potential profit in March Madness betting.  March Madness betting is a lot about finding the hot teams and riding them and avoiding, or going against, the overrated ones.  You can do extremely well if you can find that conference or conferences that fit into one of the above March Madness betting strategies.

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