March Madness Betting Narrows to Elite Eight

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness Betting Elite Eight odds are when the best teams play for the right to make it to the Final Four.

When you handicap March Madness odds for the Elite Eight you will not have much time to make a decision since the Sweet Sixteen games are Thursday and Friday while the Elite Eight games are Saturday and Sunday.

March Madness betting odds oftentimes will include least three of the top four #1 seeds.  That means in three of the four Elite Eight games you will have a number one seed favored in March Madness odds. As you look at these games keep in mind that at least one of the top seeds is likely to lose. Your job is to try and find the top seed that is vulnerable and also find the top seeds that are likely to advance.  And you really want to go against conventional wisdom when you do that.  If you see a top seed that has won previous games in blowouts you might want to go against them in the Elite Eight because they are due for a difficult game.  Usually a team is going to have a tough game along the way when they win the title.

When you look at the eight teams remaining in the NCAA Tournament you are going to see certain trends.  The teams that have won play defense well, rebound, and avoid turnovers. Teams with strong guards usually do well.  Go back and look at regular season statistics for all of the remaining eight teams.  The ones that struggle on defense are going to have definite trouble in this round.  A team without a strong point guard is not going to win very often in the Elite Eight. Teams can get lucky with great shooting and survive for a while but rarely does that luck continue in every round.

Another factor to keep in mind with this round is free throw shooting.  The games are likely to be close and you really don’t want to be taking a team that struggles from the line.  Even good teams can lose if they struggle from the line.   This factor may come into play this season with some of the Elite Eight games. 

These are a few tips to keep in mind as you analyze the Elite Eight games this weekend.  You really don’t want to have to look too far for trends and tips for this round because you don’t have much time to handicap the games.  You want to go with what has worked in the past for the Elite Eight round of March Madness betting.

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