Money Management for March Madness Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting lines are great to consider but you must have solid money management if you expect to win money.

There are a large amount of games to choose from and it is very easy to lose control when betting that many games.  Let’s take a look at some things that can help you when deciding upon your money management strategy when looking at March Madness odds. March Madness betting lines money management begins with deciding your bet size.  Many people stick with 5% of the bankroll but a 2% number is safer when considering March Madness betting lines. Remember that it is not unheard of to play 10 or 15 games versus the March Madness odds in a couple of days and a bad day at 5% would really hurt. The next decision you want to make is whether or not to adjust the size of your play in March Madness betting lines.  Very often with so many games to choose from you will like some plays better than others in March Madness odds.  Do you want to give more credence to your stronger plays and bet more money on them, or do you want to keep all your plays at the same amount when looking at March Madness betting lines?   You may not want to change your bet size at all and keep sizes the same amount in March Madness betting lines. Doubling the size on occasion may be okay but that is it when looking at March Madness betting lines.  You don’t want to lose control and that can easily happen when your bets are too large.  You want to make up for everything all at once and you don’t want to make that mistake.

You also may want to divide your bankroll when looking at March Madness betting lines.  You might want to separate it into first round, second round, Sweet Sixteen, etc.  This gives you different opportunities to make money when looking at March Madness betting lines.  If you are struggling early you could choose to double up in later rounds and get your money back in March Madness odds. Remember that getting ready for March Madness betting lines includes more than just doing your handicapping.  Don’t forget that planning out your money management strategy is very important when looking at March Madness betting lines.

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