March Madness Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting line moves are among the most interesting to follow because they happen a lot and they happen quickly.

When you look at the March Madness brackets you will see 32 games, which means you have a side and a total on each game.  All of these games in the first round happen in just two days and that means a lot of line moves in March Madness  betting.

March Madness betting line moves come from the public and the professionals.  The pros that look at the March Madness brackets will bet any game while the public usually sticks to marquee name teams. Sometimes those games with teams like Bucknell or Southern Illinois will get more violent line movement because the pros are playing the game.  With marquee games you see March Madness betting line movement because the public is playing the game. When it comes to line moves in the March Madness brackets, knowing and understanding which way the line is likely to move, and why, will go a long way to helping you profit during March Madness betting.

Many average college basketball bettors when they make their bet like to watch it on television.  There is absolutely no doubt that more action is wagered on TV games than on those that are not televised.  Because of this fact, the public is far more involved in games on television in March Madness betting.  This should give you a clue about which way the line will move on a TV game.  Remember that the public likes to take the favorite and the over when looking at March Madness brackets.  If you see a game on TV that is probably the way the March Madness betting line moved.  There are exceptions of course, like notorious under teams, or obvious revenge situations, but for the most part the public moves the line on TV games toward the favorite.

Most of the bigger March Madness betting line moves occur on these games.  Professional college basketball bettors may bet the other games in March Madness betting but the public rarely plays games they can’t watch on TV.
Because of this fact the March Madness betting line will probably move more than it would on a TV game, because the game doesn’t get much public action. 

March Madness betting line moves are definitely exciting to watch and to track and sometimes they can even be profitable to follow.

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