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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting for many gamblers is all about the NCAA Tournament.

What should not be forgotten during March Madness betting is the National Invitational Tournament.  Sometimes the NIT actually offers better value than what you find in the NCAA Tournament March Madness bracket.

March Madness betting on the NIT is different than the NCAA Tournament because home court is involved.  The early rounds of the NIT are played on home courts which is huge in March Madness betting. Road teams that are not well prepared oftentimes get blown out.  Just as important as home court in the NIT for March Madness betting gamblers is the motivation factor. There are going to be some teams that really don’t want to be playing in the NIT. These teams may feel they were left out by the NCAA Tourney and just mail it in for the next game. You must remember that in March Madness betting. On the other side of that coin is the team that feels snubbed and goes out with something to prove. To find out the motivation of the teams you will have to read their local papers or their website to get their mindset for the games. This is essential when you are involved in NIT March Madness betting.

Another major factor in NIT matchups during March Madness betting is those teams from lesser known conferences that are really pretty good. Sometimes you will see conference champions that lost their title game and didn’t get into the big dance. These teams were actually better than their counterparts in the NCAA March Madness bracket but because of the automatic big from their conference, didn’t get to go. You will see teams like Niagara, Iona, etc, that fit into this March Madness betting category.

You may also see some rivalry games that are set up by the NIT. What is different about the NIT is that they set up the games for the best ratings, and the best matchups. That could mean that the tournament is set up for the marquee team to have the easiest route to the title game. It isn’t fair, but the NIT Tournament has never been about being fair. It is about TV ratings and the NIT will set the March Madness bracket accordingly. You should be aware of that as you are involved in March Madness betting.

As you look at the March Madness bracket don’t forget the NIT.  The games are usually played before and sometimes during the NCAA Tournament.  Take a look at adding the NIT to your March Madness betting this season.

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