March Madness betting Favorites at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness gambling is famous for its surprising upsets, yet March Madness betting veterans also recognize that March Madness is traditionally won by one of the top seeded teams.

Consequently, it is sometimes challenging to know how well the favorites will do in any given March Madness betting match up. March Madness gamblers have varying opinions on this topic, yet in the end it appears as though the best March Madness wagering strategy is simply to handicap each March Madness contest on your own and then evaluate the March Madness lines accordingly.

March Madness is often the most exciting when a Cinderella teams knocks off one of the March Madness betting favorites. This phenomenon occurs every March Madness and one will always find highly unlikely teams earning their spot in the Sweet Sixteen, and sometimes even the Final Four. This fact leads many March Madness bettors to avoid gambling on the favorites very much in their March Madness betting, and rather constantly looking for the Cinderella team of the year’s March Madness tournament. However, the problem with this March Madness betting strategy is that, in the end, the Final Four typically involves top-seeded teams. While it may not be a number one seed that wins March Madness, it also must be recognized that March Madness is rarely won by a team that does not have at least a top four seed. Consequently, when you consider the favorites in March Madness betting, you should not follow them blindly, but you also should not shun them as a result of one Cinderella team’s success in last year’s March Madness.

One of the most advisable March Madness betting tips to follow, which will help you avoid the March Madness gambling blunder described above, is simply to handicap each March Madness match up on your own, before you have even seen the March Madness point spread for the game. Only once your own March Madness handicapping is complete should you actually start to consider the March Madness gambling lines in question. If you find that your March Madness handicapping for a game differs considerably from where the point spread has been set then that probably indicates a high-value game, so it is the perfect place to make a bet. By doing your March Madness handicapping as such, you will best be able to judge the March Madness favorites correctly.

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