March Madness Betting Best Methods at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting methods are different than ones used for regular season games.

Many of the teams have had a lot of time off, and many of them will not play the same as they did during the regular season. Let’s take a look at some of the things that can help us when wagering against March Madness odds.

March Madness betting methods begins with analyzing the current form of the teams. Some teams are coming into the NCAA Tournament playing extremely well, while others just backed their way in. Schedule strength can be important when looking at March Madness odds. You will have teams matching up that have never played one another so looking at how their schedules matched up in terms of strength is a good place to start your March Madness betting.

Another method for making March Madness betting picks is to just keep it simple and take the underdog. This is a tried and true method of handicapping March Madness odds. It works especially well early in the tournament. It is not quite as effective as the Elite Eight and Final Four roll around. By that time most of the teams are into a groove and taking the dog doesn’t always work. Taking the points though is always the first thing to consider when betting March Madness odds.

Another option to consider as you look at March Madness betting lines is the particular seeding. You should know that #1 seeds don’t lose and against the spread they come out slightly ahead. #2 and #3 seeds rarely lose their games in the first round and have made a slight profit in March Madness betting. The #4 and #5 seeds do lose sometimes and have not been good bets against the spread. The #6 and #7 seeds are usually paired in first round games that could go either way and taking the points is always worth considering in March Madness betting. As the second round gets underway and the Elite Eight you can usually throw seeds out. It gets into more fundamental handicapping then and looking at the March Madness betting lines to get a feel for both teams. As the Final Four gets underway you are usually better off taking the power teams in March Madness betting. It gets serious during the Final Four and usually the better team wins. That doesn’t always mean the favorite though. Sometimes the oddsmakers have the wrong team favored.

As you look at March Madness betting you should first consider the dog, especially in the early rounds. As March Madness betting progresses, your handicapping should begin to look more toward the favorites and less toward the underdogs.

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