March Madness Betting Basic Trends at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting is a great time for gamblers around the world.

You have a lot of chances for profit in March Madness betting. Let’s look at some March Madness betting trends that can help you this season.

March Madness betting can be profitable if you keep a few basic trends in mind. Remember as you look at the March Madness brackets that teams are coming into the tournament off a layoff but they still have previous games to look at. You may want to consider situations to play against any favorite if they are coming off an upset of a highly ranked team. It is always tough to play back-to-back perfect games and laying points is never easy to do after playing a perfect game.

Sometimes in March Madness betting you can get a highly ranked team looking ahead to their next game. This happens in the 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15 March Madness brackets games. Laying big points may not be something you want to do in those situations. When laying points in March Madness betting you should be wary. If you have a team that has just covered three straight games or more against the spread you may not want to take them in March Madness brackets. The March Madness betting lines are starting to get too high and value is on the underdog. Value is very important in March Madness betting and you can find it by going against overpriced favorites.

You may also want to bet against favorites who are coming off a great shooting game. Usually if they have shot over their head then they will likely fall back in their next game. You also get good value going against a team that just shined in their last game versus March Madness betting. Another good trend to consider in March Madness betting is going against Top 25 teams as you look at the March Madness brackets. These teams are almost always overpriced and getting too much respect and attention from the public in March Madness betting. An additional part of that last tip is to take the lower ranked top 25 team against a higher ranked team. Another part of this tip is to take any non-ranked team as a favorite against a top 25 team. In these situations the oddsmakers are favoring the team for a reason, despite not being ranked.

Those are some good March Madness betting trends that should help you make more money this season.

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