March Madness Betting Angles at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting, in terms of volume at online sportsbooks around the world, surpasses even the Super Bowl.

March Madness odds are very exciting and they can also be profitable if you come up with the right angles.

March Madness betting angles are definitely plentiful. Many systems are out there when it comes to March Madness odds. Let’s start with the basic ones. Anytime you take the underdog you are always doing something intelligent. In the first round of March Madness betting, taking the dog seems to do well. You always have that 5-12 game where the 12 seed does well. The first round is about the dogs covering in March Madness odds, although with any system nothing is a guarantee and some years it doesn’t work perfectly.

Another March Madness betting angle that has had very good success throughout the years is to bet on any team that did not cover the spread in their last game if they are going against a team that did cover. This seems pretty simple in March Madness betting. Let’s say you have North Carolina in the 2nd round playing Texas. The Tar Heels didn’t cover in their opening round game against some weaker club while Texas did cover in their opening round win. You now take North Carolina in March Madness betting. The reason that this system works is that very often people get a bit annoyed by a team’s non-cover in the previous game and get off them. They also like that the other team covered and get on that team. This system begins with 2nd round games during March Madness betting. This is also an angle in March Madness betting that has been used by bettors for many years and usually does quite well.

You want to remember in March Madness betting that a lot of people that normally would not be betting college basketball are now involved. The tournament is a little bit like the Super Bowl in that there are a lot of public bettors. Everyone wants to be involved in March Madness betting and that usually means people overreact to what happened in a previous game. They remember that a team didn’t cover and also remember a team that did. It sometimes is all what have you done for me lately and that is not a good way to look at March Madness odds.

Take a look at betting underdogs early in the tournament and consider that last angle for later rounds. That should give you a chance to make money with March Madness betting.

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