March Madness Betting Action at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March madness betting is the pinnacle of sports betting

There is simply no better or more exciting sports betting opportunity than March madness.
Even with all the great sports betting going on right now and the many options available to the betting public March madness betting still takes the cake.

March madness betting is its own unique animal and whoever created the concept of this wild and crazy sporting action should be given the Nobel Prize for their contributions to humanity.  There is simply no other major sporting even that creates so much competition and so much excitement as March madness does.  While many other sports provide entertainment and unpredictability no other sporting event combines the two in such a compelling way as March madness betting.

So what is it exactly about March madness betting that makes it so wildy popular.  Is it March madness’ egalitarian format that gives small schools and big schools equal footing?  Is it the way that March Madness seems to lead all major sports in unpredictability?  Of could it be the high level of energy and emotion that seems to define every college basketball game during March Madness?

Most likely it’s a combination of all these things and more which makes March madness so popular.  As the name implies the action really is ‘mad’ and anything can happen once March madness betting arrives.  And make no mistake about it, March madness really is a season unto itself.  After the conference championships are played and the conference regular season is finished the top 65 teams gather to start a new round of competition and everyone begins with the same 0-0 record.  March madness betting season represents a new start and a clean slate where the only thing that differentiates the big schools from the small schools is there seeding.  And as every March madness betting fan knows, seedings mean very little once the ball is tipped.

Year in and year out March madness betting never fails to deliver on the goods.  Upsets abound and are in fact the life blood of the March madness betting.  Ask March madness betting fan what they remember most about past March madness and it’s always the upsets that top the list.  And that in itself is what makes March madness betting such a thrilling ride.  No matter if you’re team qualifies for the March madness betting action or not, it doesn’t really matter because the bounty of upsets and betting plays that await more than compensates for this

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