March Madness Betting 2009 Predictions at SBG Global

March Madness betting predictions are some of the most fun to make each year. 2009 March Madness gaming begins on Thursday, March 19th with first round action and concludes on Monday, 6th with the NCAA Championship game.

March Madness wagering gives gamblers a lot to consider and that will be the case again with 2009 March Madness gaming. It is helpful to consider each of the 32 games in the first round by looking first at teams you are familiar with. Yes, a team like Western Kentucky may be appealing in March Madness wagering but if you don’t know anything about them it is hard to tell how much value they have. Conversely, a team like Ohio State might be more familiar to you and you might have a better feel of how they will fare in 2009 March Madness gaming.

March Madness sports predictions can be done quickly or they can take you some time. It is all about how much work you want to put in predicting the games. You might simply want to keep things simple and take teams from a certain conference in March Madness gambling. The Big East was dominant this season and they could be very good in 2009 March Madness betting. On the other hand a conference like the Big 12 was weak this season other than Oklahoma so they could be a go-against. It might even be worth going against the Sooners in 2009 March Madness wagering since they will be favored in every game leading up to the Final Four. It is also possible they could get upset along the way in March Madness gaming.

Making March Madness betting predictions can be done but the NCAA Tournament is full of surprises. You are best off sticking with teams and players you know in March Madness betting. You can also add coaches into that equation as you look at March Madness betting lines. Coaches with experience are far better than inexperienced coaches when it comes to March Madness betting.

It also helps in your March Madness betting if you are picking teams with at least one great player. Rarely will a team win it all without a top player. This year’s NCAA Tournament is full of stars so you might want to look strongly at teams like Connecticut, North Carolina, and even a deep team like Louisville.

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