March Madness Bet 2008

March Madness bet season in the year 2008 will be one of great talent and hopefully excitement. Most betting analysts are already salivating at the prospect of all the great players that should show up in the March Madness 2008 season.  Anyone looking to make a March Madness wager should have their hands full trying to decide which compelling contest to bet on with all the great choices at hand.

March Madness wager season gets underway in just six weeks and right now the field is wide open.  So far in the college basketball world this year there has been all kinds of great play and there are a handful of teams heading into the March Madness wager season that have a very good shot at winning the prize.  The simple fact that three teams remain undefeated so late into the season speaks of the quality of the top teams that will be competing for the March Madness wager crown.

North Carolina is of course the top team in the country right now and will likely be the favorite to win the March Madness wager season.  That being said, the Tar Heels still have a very difficult ACC conference schedule to navigate before March Madness bet season rolls around.  Still they should make it through with only light damage and receive one of the March Madness wager number one seeds.

The other three seeds will also likely go to the other top ranked reams right now.  It’s still quite early to predict which teams will receive the March Madness wager number seeds as anything can happen in conference play but reasonable predictions regarding the March Madness 2008 can be made.  Memphis, another top rated team in the run up to March Madness 2008 seems like another team with a very good shot at earning one of the number seeds in the March Madness bet season as the team is highly talented and it plays in a bit of a cupcake conference.  In fact the Tigers may have the best shot of going undefeated of any March Madness wager team out there.

Kansas the only other undefeated team is the run up to the March Madness wager season and must be considered one of the top teams in the country but may get a number seed when March Madness wager season arrives.  The Big 12 is simply too tough and Kansas will not survive until March Madness season arrives without a loss.

The Big 10 presents some very interesting prospects for March Madness 2008 and with teams like Michigan State, Indiana you should expect for this conference to get at least one number and one seeding in the March Madness bet season.

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