Making Money vs. March Madness Gambling Totals

March Madness betting will give you a total on every game in the NCAA Tournament. If you want to make money you should serious consider betting the totals.  Keep in mind that is not an easy thing to do to put a total on every college basketball game in the NCAA Tournament and you will find some weak lines in March Madness gambling totals.

March Madness betting totals have a lot of line movement because sometimes the numbers are weak. Sportsbooks do a better job with sides than they do with totals and that applies to all sports including March Madness betting. Betting totals is something that professional gamblers do all the time and you can join them in March Madness betting. With weak lines and many games to choose from, you should seriously look at March Madness gambling totals.

We know that making totals is tough to do so we should also be aware that coming up with lines of our own is going to be tough too. To help solve this problem we are better off focusing on just a select few games in March Madness betting.  It is just too much work to come up with accurate March Madness gambling lines for every single total.  It is better to be able to watch a certain conference or two and get an idea about those teams.  As a college basketball bettor you can focus on a conference and watch or listen to games and be ready to bet the totals in March Madness betting.  You can pick and choose your spots in March Madness gambling while the oddsmaker can’t. This is a big advantage for you in March Madness betting.

Totals don’t get as much action at the sportsbook and the handle is lower and that means the line is weaker.  The limits on college basketball totals in March Madness betting are lower than the sides. That limit probably won’t affect you but it does give you an advantage since you know the sportsbook is afraid of the March Madness betting totals. You can find those weak numbers based on your feel for the games and win in March Madness betting.

Get ready to make money on totals by finding a conference or a group of teams you know very well.  Then when the March Madness betting totals come out you can attack them and make money during this year’s NCAA Tournament.


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