Look at the Totals in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting includes totals on every single game.

That means you have a chance to not only bet one team or the other in March Madness odds but also over or under the total.

March Madness betting for many people is all about picking one team or another but totals are available. The public rarely bets totals and that is too bad since there is a lot of value in totals in March Madness odds.

When you consider betting totals you must narrow your list down or you can get overwhelmed easily.  You may want to focus on just a few games as you bet totals in March Madness odds.  The oddsmaker at the sportsbook even struggles with totals so you need to narrow things down.  The oddsmakers don’t spend as much time on totals in March Madness betting and that gives you value as a gambler.  The oddsmaker didn’t follow all of these conferences all year long and sometimes in March Madness odds you are going to see them put up bad lines on totals.  Some of the smaller conferences are well off the radar and those teams were simply not followed by those making the odds.

The oddsmaker does a lot of guess work with totals in March Madness betting.  Anytime you can be on equal footing or if you have an edge against the sportsbook you want to take it.  You may be more familiar with certain teams or conferences than the oddsmaker and that is to your advantage.

What you can do is come up with your own total before the March Madness lines are released.  If you make your own numbers then you can compare them with the March Madness betting line and pound the games where you have a big advantage.   The totals for the first round sometimes don’t come out until late Monday or Tuesday so you have time to get ready for Thursday and Friday’s opening round games in March Madness betting.

When you look at March Madness betting totals you can look at a lot of stats and those can include more than just the basic ones. Look at home and away stats and also look at how the conferences did against each other, etc.

When you get ready to bet March Madness, don’t forget about the totals.  You get paid just the same as with a side bet and oftentimes you can find better value.

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