High Scoring Elite Eight Games in March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness betting moves into the Elite Eight this weekend. Eight teams will be playing for a spot in next weekend’s Final Four.

With all of the pressure of making the Final Four you might think that the defense would be tough and the games low scoring in March Madness odds but that has not been the case.

March Madness betting in this round seems to have a lot of blowouts.  The better teams oftentimes win by large margins in the Elite Eight and that has meant some high scoring games.  Elite Eight games have been the highest scoring of any round in March Madness betting.  If a team is a big favorite in March Madness odds in this Elite Eight round they almost always win. The top seeds don’t always cover the spread but they rarely lose with the Final Four in sight.

If you are going to bet underdogs in the Elite Eight then you want them to be small underdogs. If a team is getting more than 7 points then you really don’t want to take them.  The big underdogs simply don’t do well in the Elite Eight.  You want games where the straight up outcome is in a little bit of doubt.

The conference that has gotten all of the attention this season is the Big East but history has shown the ACC dominates the Elite Eight. If Duke is involved in this year’s Elite Eight they could be a team to take a long look at.

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If you are betting the total in Elite Eight games you really want to consider taking the over.  There just have not been a lot of low scoring games the past decade in the Elite Eight.  It is important to remember that these teams will have played just a couple of days ago so they will be tired.  It is much more difficult to play defense when you are tired.

The Elite Eight games this weekend will be on you in no time. You won’t have a lot of time to handicap the games since the odds will have only been on the board for a day or so.  Keep some of these trends in mind as you look at the Elite Eight.  Big favorites, small underdogs and high scoring games are what you want to look at when you make your wagers.

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