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December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

Elite 8 odds are where the best teams in the NCAA Tournament play for the right to advance to the Final Four.

Handicapping Elite 8 odds begins earlier in the week with Sweet Sixteen odds since there are only a couple days in between the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games in March Madness odds. Let’s look at some factors that can help us handicap Elite 8 odds.

Elite 8 odds usually have at least three of the top four #1 seeds as part of the March Madness odds. That means in three of the four Elite Eight games you have a #1 seed favored. As you look at Elite 8 odds remember that top seeds will have at least one game where they struggle. It may happen in the first round but most likely it happened in the second round. If you’re looking at a top seed that recently struggled but still won you should seriously consider betting them in Elite 8 odds. Conversely, if you see a top seed that has won previous games in blowouts you might want to seriously consider going against them in Elite 8 odds as they are due for a tough game. Rarely does a team go through the entire NCAA Tournament without having a tough win.

This type of handicapping in Elite 8 odds usually works well since people tend to think the opposite way. They look at how a team did in their last game and expect that to continue. Rarely does a team look as good as they were or as bad as they were the next week in sports. Remember as you consider March Madness odds that things tend to even out.

Handicapping Elite 8 odds should also include the basics. You want a team that plays good defense, rebounds and has a go-to scorer. It also helps as you examine Elite 8 odds if you look at coaches that have had success. Rarely does a Cinderella team win in the round of the Elite Eight. They may have had things go their way in the early rounds and maybe even in the Sweet Sixteen, but more often than not it ends in Elite 8 odds.

Those are just a few things to keep in mind as you examine Elite Eight March Madness odds this season.

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