Get Ready to Handicap March Madness Betting

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

March Madness is very popular with bettors and even non-bettors.

There are so many games on the board in a very short period of time and everyone wants to be involved.  That is great news for you as you look at the March Madness gambling lines because you can be ready to handicap the games.

March Madness betting gives you 64 teams to consider in the main part of the tournament. The play-in game is also there which matches up the 64th vs. the 65th team but not many people care about that game.  The opening weekend which begins on Thursday is what you want to be ready for as you handicap March Madness betting lines.

March Madness betting gives you a lot of games to consider so the first step is to narrow things down.  Teams from smaller conferences might be the way to go but only if you know something about them. You can’t just go and bet on a team like Siena unless you have followed them.  Conversely, you should not just automatically bet on Kansas and Kentucky because they are great teams.  The pointspread is a great equalizer and the marquee teams are almost always overvalued in March Madness gambling. What you want to do is something in between. Throw out the 1 vs. 16 games. Those are too tough to figure out in March Madness. Throw out the 8 vs. 9 games as well since those are a crapshoot in March Madness betting.  You may want to throw out the 5 vs. 12 games as well since everyone and their brother now knows about the #12 seeds in March Madness betting.  That gets things down to a manageable level in March Madness.

Sometimes the best games to look at in March Madness are those games where you have the 7 vs. 10 or the 6 vs. 11.  It is these matchups in March Madness gambling where you can oftentimes find some good information.  Sometimes one of the seeds is underrated and you can expose that bad March Madness betting line.

When you handicap the games and narrow down the matchups in March Madness betting, you can then look at how a team is playing coming into the tournament, their against the spread stats and how they matchup in terms of players. You might even find that the total in the game is a better bet.  You can only do this though after you have narrowed down your games to a reasonable level in March Madness gambling.

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