Get Ready for College Basketball Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NCAA Basketball

College basketball betting odds might require more preparation to bet than any other type of sports betting odds.

There are just so many games in terms of college basketball odds.  When you prepare for wagering against college basketball betting odds you must have the tough minded attitude to win. College basketball betting odds give you a lot of chances to win money but you must be ready. If you actually want to be one of the few that actually wins money when wagering against college basketball betting odds then you have to have the nerve to stand up to the crowd and oppose the masses. You cannot think like the crowd because the crowd loses because the college basketball odds makers know how the crowd thinks. There is no value with the lemmings. If you bet college basketball betting odds with a “straight up” or “office pool” mindset, you are going to torch your money. The college basketball odds makers set the bet lines based on what they know that you will do, so if you do what the college basketball odds makers expect you are doing what is worthless and what will not pay.

Along those same lines, separate yourself from how the masses manage their money, which is that they don’t manage it at all. They simply “wing it” from game to game, with no real plan, rhyme or reason in terms of college basketball betting odds. Their idea of a bankroll is what is in their wallet.
When you set your mind for wagering against college basketball betting odds you need to learn to think like a college basketball betting odds maker. When you react to a betting angle, immediately ask yourself if your reaction is typical or if it is unique and different from others that wager on college basketball betting odds. You don’t want typical, that’s for sure. What you want is to be on the side where the value is in college basketball betting odds, which is where the masses are not.

Get ready for college basketball betting odds this season.  Prepare before the season begins and set your bankroll, your money management plan, and your handicapping.

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